Wesley Randolph Eader: Highway Winds

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Wesley Randolph Eader's second full-length album “Highway Winds” represents a new arrival and a second wind for the old-time inspired country/folk sing-songwriter from Portland, Oregon. It was recorded entirely on tape and mastered straight to vinyl and features a host of Portland musicians including Eric Earley (Blitzen Trapper), Luke Price (National Fiddle Champion), Danny O'Hanlon (Studio Engineer and Producer at Bungalow 9 Studios), Rachel Dial (Singer/Guitarist for Mero and SS Bungalow) and more. All these people have helped take Eader's songs, which stand strongly by themselves, to an even higher level of interest to the listener. Nostalgic ridden Americana music lovers are sure to find “Highway Winds” a more than suitable soundtrack for the road.

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The album was recorded entirely onto tape and mastered straight to vinyl. This is analog in it’s truest form.

  • 1 black LP
  • High-quality download: MP3, FLAC

Eader sings each song as if he’s been singing them forever, as if they were passed down like precious heirlooms, or discovered on one of A.P. Carter’s song expeditions”

-No Depression

I see visions of that lost highway again when I listen to Wesley Randolph Eader’s new record, Highway Winds. I see Woody Guthrie riding a boxcar.  I hear Townes Van Zandt singing stories in an old saloon. I see mountain ranges in the far distance and desert stretched out all around. I find saints and sinners, and I see redemption somewhere on the distant rise. I hear and see and feel it all again. I am swept up in the mystery of the road. This is the wonder of Highway Winds”

-Let Us Make A Record


Wesley Randolph Eader – “Of Old It Was Recorded” from Door of Hope on Vimeo.


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