The Staple Singers: Freedom Highway (2LP reissue)

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Double LP Vinyl

The Staple Singers
Epic Legacy

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Freedom Highway Complete is a newly remixed, remastered and expanded edition of the live concert masterpiece recorded by the Staple Singers in April 1965 in support and celebration of that year’s historic civil rights marches from Montgomery to Selma, Alabama.

Featuring previously unreleased performances, the spiritually uplifting service, “Pops” Staples’ Intro and Outro and more, Freedom Highway Complete puts the listener right in the church, with the Staples, the choir, the band, and the congregation for a once-in-a-lifetime event.

First released on Epic Records as an LP in 1965, the original Freedom Highway album, constrained by the time limits of 12″ vinyl, edited the New Nazareth Missionary Baptist Church concert and service down to key performance tracks. The new Legacy edition marks the first-ever release of the full concert and service.


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