Steve Taylor & The Danielson Foil: Wow To The Deadness (Marbled Color Vinyl)

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Marbled Vinyl EP
Steve Taylor & The Danielson Foil
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Steve Taylor & The Perfect Foil toured the U.S. with Danielson in support of their acclaimed Goliath album. The resulting friendship found the band configured as Steve Taylor & the Danielson Foil recording with engineer Steve Albini at his famed Electric Audio studio.

Wow to the Deadness is the resulting whipcrack 6-song EP that applies scalding punk rage to delightfully cockeyed song structures, making for an EP without many clear musical parallels. It’s Magazine covering the Godspell soundtrack or the Buzzcocks trading verses with the Free Design. More than anything, Steve Taylor & the Danielson Foil is the sound of two acts scrapping every rule of songwriting and following their own impulses. Wow to the Deadness that combines the sensibilities of both for a batch of songs full of hairpin musical left turns and sharp, deftly-observed lyrics. Every time you think you’ve got its sound pinned down, it shape-shifts again, transforming into something entirely new — fantastically confounding, and utterly irresistible.

As Albini said of the record, “It ended up being really raucous and really great.”


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