Damien Jurado: And Now That I’m In Your Shadow

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Damien Jurado
Secretly Canadian

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After almost ten years now, Damien Jurado has been releasing albums, along with untold numbers of EPs and singles, but read an article about American songwriters and the name Damien Jurado probably won’t appear. Why is he still lost among the lists of names? Is he destined to be lost forever or can he be found?

On his new album And Now That I’m In Your Shadow, Jurado once again is calling us out to meet him. With the help of now permanent members Eric Fisher and Jenna Conrad, Damien has taken on a new side to his career. No longer is Damien Jurado just another solo artist but a band. Rarely from now on will any live performance just include a man with his ideas and guitar but a continuous collaboration in lyrics and sound creating a backdrop to a world that is filled with desperation and blessings, life discovered and life that is lost.

Together they will lead you into the lyrical world of the forgotten faces that you once knew. The songs are old friends and close relatives, quarreling loves and love lost, the very thoughts that cross your mind when you are alone or among the crowd. Forever in your shadow and trapped between the lines that you write down, Damien Jurado is still here and going nowhere.


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