$27.00 on the 10th of each month with a 26-day free trial and a $27.00 sign-up fee Join the Club



$75.00 on the 10th day of every 3rd month with a 3-month free trial and a $75.00 sign-up fee Read more



$276.00 / year Read more

Shipping to Canada, eh? Click here.

What is included in my subscription?

– Record of the month
– Artist specialization*
– Limited extras**
– Access to exclusive offers, store discounts, and previous releases

*We will collaborate with artists to bring a custom touch to the album. This might be a print insert, signed album, book of poems, basically anything. We will let you know each month what to expect.
**We love surprises, and we love exciting collectors, with every monthly release we will distribute “unique” items throughout the batch. Test Presses, unique colors, unique albums covers. This are random and not guaranteed, but we sure do love sending them out.

Subscription?! I just want one album.

Don’t worry, there is no commitment, you can cancel at anytime.

Shipping outside the U.S.

Subscriptions currently available in the United States and Canada. For shipping to Canada click here. If you are outside North America and would like to join, please send us an email and let us know you are interested.

What about returns?

Nobody wants damaged vinyl, if your record was damaged during shipping, contact us, and we will get a new album shipped out to you.

What month will I be signing up for?

You are signing up for the July 2017 album – Gospel Train.

We will promote each album for one month prior to pressing, after which, auto-renewals will be charged on the 10th of each month for that months album.

When will my album ship?

The current album will ship within two weeks of the 15th of July 2017.

Will monthly albums sell out?

Yes, monthly releases will occasionally sell out. As a member you will be notified before the general public of new release. 

What if I don’t like the monthly album?

If you are a quarterly or annual subscriber, we will give you a pass if there is a month you want to skip. Send us an email before the 10th of the month in question, and we will skip your account that month. Quarterly subscribers get one pass, Annual subscribers get three.